About Us


Spirit Animal is Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal.  We provide beverage-related solutions for individuals and businesses seeking efficient ways to deliver quality and enjoyment to their guests.  Our services range from one-of-a-kind cocktails and lists for special events and beverage brands; to staff trainings and cocktail program consults; up to full beverage programs for bars, restaurants, and F&B groups; as well as bar logistics for large events.  

We are based out of Asheville, North Carolina.  Though we have worked up and down the East Coast, the largest portion of our food & beverage experience has been in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where we ran numerous cocktail programs for area restaurants and bars.  Our primary expertise is in crafting hospitality and cocktails, with specializations in cocktail history; customized cocktails a-la-minute; heritage preservation techniques and sustainability; pairing spirits-based beverages to food, and designing & batching cocktails for speed and elegance (cocktails on draft, punch by the bowl, bottled cocktails).  We also have cultivated a proficiency for developing flavorful, low-alcohol “session” cocktails, non-alcoholic adult beverages, and fermented sodas because we believe every guest deserves a well crafted, eyebrow-raising beverage, regardless of alcohol content.